Cutter Care

Cutter Care tips:

  • Always lubricate your cutters before use (olive oil, cool slip, badger balm), this ensures a cleaner cut, smoother clay release and easier cleaning.
  • Ensure your clay is on a smooth surface as this reduces the risk of damaging your cutting edge and also gives you a cleaner cut.
  • Apply even downwards pressure when cutting your clay; angled or uneven pressure can crack the walls of your cutter and/or damage your cutting edge.
  • Do not put your cutters on your hot plate; the resin will soften and deform around 60 C / 140 F, this can reduce the life span of your cutters or cause permanent damage.
  • Your clay may get stuck in the cutter, releasing can be aided by blowing into the back of the cutter or by using a damp soft bristled brush from the back of the cutter if blowing is not practical due to cutter outline.
  • Clean your cutters carefully using tepid soapy water and a soft bristled brush; hard bristles can damage the fine cutting edge whilst hot water will soften the resin making it more prone to deformation and breaking.  DO NOT use acetone/nail varnish remover as this will cause permanent damage to your cutter.
  • Store your cutters in your handy box (if you have one) or flat on the back face, clear of other objects; this prevents the fine cutting edge being damaged.